How to Play?
The first job you need to do when the game starts is to collect logs to make other tools. Go near the tree, point at the tree, hold the left mouse button to destroy each block, when breaking will drop a small block, then pick it up, and so on until you have about 10 blocks.
W: Go straight (press twice to run fast).
S: Go backwards.
A: Go left.
D: Go right.
E: Open the inventory.
Super-powers are granted randomly so please submit an issue if you're not happy with yours.
Next press the E key to open your inventory:
The 4 vertical boxes next to the character are for wearing armor to help increase: Hat, shirt, pants, shoes. 4 cells [2x2] are the crafting area, only some normal items can be made, 1 next box is the finished product. The last 9 horizontal cells are where the items need to be used.
Put the blocks that you collect into the crafting area, each block will receive 4 wooden boards, drag them into the inventory.
Place 2 wooden planks to create sticks. Placing 4 wooden planks creates a crafting table. Drag to the toolbar and right-click to place the crafting table on the ground, then right click on it after placing it. You will see a 3x3 crafting board. Now make the tools according to the recipe:
Wooden cup: Used to dig stone, gravel, coal.
Wooden Ax: Used to cut wood faster.
Wooden Shovel: Used to dig soil faster.
Wooden Sword: Used to kill monsters.
Next you need to conduct mining, collect some other items such as: Cobblestone, wood or earth to build a temporary residence when night falls, because when night falls, monsters will appear and attack. attack you. Pay attention not to die, if you die, you will lose experience and items in you!
Now find a way to light the fire, because that's what keeps the monsters away from you and shines in the dark. There are many ways to create fire, you can break and collect rocks from cliffs, craft into a smithy (Furnace), use it to burn raw logs into charcoal, and then combine coal with wooden sticks into torches. You can also use the collected terrain block
The resources and minerals in the game are very diverse, they are not only used to create items but also to build buildings. Depending on the type of mineral, you can create items of different quality, but they will deteriorate over time. With the same recipe for creating a stone ax as above, you can replace wood with iron or diamond to increase the durability of the tool.
The more you play later, the more materials you need to create special buildings, there are some rare materials that take a long time to find and collect like gold ore deep underground.
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